Review for an East Hills NY chiropractor

Review for an East Hills NY chiropractor

My name is Ionela and I started seeing Dr. Brattner about four weeks ago. I came to him in the beginning because I had severe back pains that were causing chest pains as well and making it very hard for me to breathe.

Being that I had never really been to a chiropractor nor knew anyone that could really recommend me to one, I searched on Google came across his office and called and made an appointment.

Immediately they scheduled me for their first available appointment that they had.  They were super friendly and then I came here.

Once I came here, Dr. Brattner welcomed me very very much,  and not only was he very professional, but he also made me feel super comfortable in his presence and went over all of my injuries and what to expect.

Immediately, after telling him all my symptoms he wanted to make sure that I guess bone-wise I was okay.

He gave me a few x-rays and then we took it from there and decided to do some therapy.

Currently I am doing a therapy called Graston… it’s amazing it’s unlike anything that I’ve ever felt.

He puts these little electrytes on my back and on my shoulders and it completely relaxes my muscles.

It removes the pain away and then after that we do a therapy with these metal instruments and an ointment and he really gets in there, he massages any knots, any tension that I may have, and that for me is super important as I work two full-time jobs you can only imagine i’m constantly on the go constantly on my feet I work with my hands so it’s a lot for me.

These past four weeks I’ve seen a tremendous,tremendous change In the pain that I’m feeling and for the most part I can say that I’m about 90% healed according to me, I mean I’m not a doctor but according to what my back feels and my neck feels.

No more chest pains, I can sleep better, I can say that I don’t have to worry about my injuries anymore. Dr. Brattner also put me on a gym routine regiment type thing and showed me which exercises I can do that would strengthen my back and now that I’ve made progress with this therapy I can also make progress with my workouts, so it’s great.

If you’re in pain and you need to come see somebody, come see him because he will definitely fix you up.

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Here is a transcription of a youtube video and also a Review for a Roslyn NY chiropractor:

OK I used to go to a chiropractor many years ago and it it didn’t seem to help but now that I’ve found Doctor Brattner, I feel much better.

He does the Graston technique, he does adjustments and also the kinesio technique with the taping and it has helped a lot and between coming to Dr. Brattner and going to massage once a week I’m really doing pretty well.  I have less pain, I’m more mobile, I also exercise and swim and all that together really helps.

I always look forward to coming here because I know I’m going to come out feeling much better and moving much better and feeling younger and feeling better.  In general I really think that this graston technique really helps.  I have a bad lower back and that pain has subsided and also I was in a few car accidents and have all kinds of injuries.

It all seems to be much better now, so I highly recommend going to a chiropractor, Dr. Brattner is great, he really has helped me and listened to my pains and is trying to heal all of these scar tissues that I have and all these problems that I have.

In general I am really very pleased and try to come here once a week and follow up on this.

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